Pumpkin Balloon Sensory Matching

Pumpkin Balloon Sensory Matching



It’s Day 18 of our 31 Days of Pumpkin Activities series. This activity was a spin off our Heart Sensory Matching Activity that we did a few years ago. The orange balloons don’t look quite as cute as the heart balloons…but it was still a fun activity!


I didn’t make quite as many “sets” of matching balloons this go-round as we ran out of time. All you need to make this cute activity are balloons, green yarn, a funnel, and the “filling” of your choice. Just attach the funnel to the end of your balloon and start filling! I tied a small piece of green yarn onto each balloon to make it look like a pumpkin on the vine. Make as many or as few as you and your child would like!


Safety Note:  Balloons and babies/toddlers who still put things in their mouths don’t mix. As with all activities on ICanTeachMyChild.com, please supervise your child for the entire time he/she is playing with these sensory balloons. The balloons themselves and the contents inside them could pose a choking hazard.


Here are some suggestions for what you can include inside your balloons:






-Kinetic Sand

-Hair Gel



Pumpkin Balloon Sensory Matching

Fill your balloons with whatever contents you choose. Make sure to make duplicates of each filling so that your child can match.


Pumpkin Balloon Sensory Matching

Hand ’em over and let your child start playing and matching!


Pumpkin Balloon Sensory Matching



Pumpkin Balloon Sensory Matching












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