Rainbow in the Snow


As I shared on my Facebook page yesterday, we recently got the second most snowfall ever on record where we live. The last total I heard was 14-16 inches! We have been enjoying playing together in the cold, white stuff…and spending lots of time inside as well! We decided to make some colored ice cubes to play with and ended up making a rainbow in the snow!



1. Add some food coloring to a bowl of water and pour into ice cube trays. Freeze until solid.




All our colors were frozen and ready to go outside!



2. Use a stick or dowel rod to make the lines of a rainbow in the snow.





3. Have your child start adding the colored ice cubes on the lines!







Admiring his work!








Don’t let it stop at making rainbows…throw in some letter-making and name spelling as well! :)















We also a few of the primary color combinations together in the snow to see what happens when they begin to melt.




This was definitely a hit and something we will be doing on our next snow day!


Rainbow in the Snow



What is your favorite snow day activity???


  1. So cool we will try this one next! The other day we filled squirt bottles with warm water mixed with koolaid (no sugar) to paint the snow…it went fast so I ended up bringing a big dispenser of plain water outside and mixed the colors…we even learned about mixing primary colors. It was a messy blast!

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