Rhyming Words Matching Activity

Rhyming is such an important phonological awareness skill.  This giant rhyming words matching activity is perfect for pre-readers and beginning readers!  


I love the challenge of transforming an activity that would often be included on a worksheet to something interactive…an activity that requires whole body movement! This Rhyming Words Match activity fits the bill and is our Phonemic Awareness Activity for Day 17 of our 30 Days of Reading Fun for Beginning Readers series.


Lots of thinking and moving are required for this simple activity. A child must say each picture aloud and then find the picture that rhymes in the row below. She must then use a marker to draw a line from one to the other…but since it is such a large scale, this line-drawing will require the use of her whole body!


I first saw a variation of this activity over at The Busy Toddler, where she used it to match capital and lowercase letters. Because phonemic awareness involves sounds only (not letters), I knew this would be a fun activity to try with rhyming words/pictures!


We used butcher paper for this activity, but it would be excellent to do on a dry erase board in a classroom setting so that individual students could take turns matching the rhyming pictures.


Here’s what you’ll need for this Rhyming Words Matching Activity:

Butcher paper (or a large, empty dry erase board)

-Markers (dry-erase if using a dry erase board)

Rhyming Words Matching Activity Printable  (will be emailed to you)



-Painter’s Tape


Go here for the Rhyming Words Match Free Printable. 

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1. Access and print our rhyming words activity printable (enter your email address to have it emailed to you).


2. Glue the pictures to a piece of butcher paper (or attach them to a dry erase board). Make sure that  one rhyming word is on the top row and its rhyming partner is on the bottom.


3. Give your child a marker and let her get started saying each picture aloud and then finding its match down below. Encourage her to draw a line from one rhyming word to the other.




That’s it! This phonemic awareness activity was the best one yet!



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