Sand Numbers

Anytime you can incorporate multiple senses into an activity, it is beneficial for your child’s learning. In this activity, your child will be using 2 senses–sight and touch.

Here’s what you’ll need:  index cards, ocean-themed stickers, sand, a marker, and glue (not pictured).

2. Write the numbers on each index card. We only did numbers 1-5 since Big Brother is just starting to learn his numbers, but you can base the numbers you do on the development of your child.

3. On the backside of each card, have your child put the same number of stickers as the numeral on the card.

4. Turn the cards over and carefully trace over the letters with glue (if you have an older preschooler, you could let her do this).

5. Let your child pour the sand on top of the glue.

6. Let the glue dry. Afterwards, dump the sand back into the container for use in a future project.

7. Once the glue and sand are dried, let your child discover numbers using the sense of touch!

Your child can count the stickers on one side (great practice for one-to-one correspondence) while learning to recognize the numerals on the other side!

Another idea:  Make sand letter cards too!
Literature Link
One Giant Splash: A Counting Book About the Ocean (Know Your Numbers)
One Giant Splash:  A Counting Book About the Ocean by Michael Dahl


  1. London would love this! (She loves gluing anything, and it would be a great fine motor activity to trace the number, can't wait to try it!) I was wondering where you found the sand and the quantity of it? Thanks!

  2. In Montessori we just use sandpaper – cut the number/ letter out of sandpaper medium grade and glue it onto cardboard. It lasts longer and then the letter is two little fingers wide – this is how we show tracing – more tactile sense – more neural firing- better memory and preparation for writing.

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