25+ Totally Awesome Science Fair Project Ideas For Kids

More than 25 totally awesome Science Fair Projects


‘Tis the season for science fair projects! We had our first science fair experience last year when my oldest son was in kindergarten. I was truly amazed (and overwhelmed) at the complexity of some of the kindergarten science fair projects. As a former teacher, I wanted to make sure that my son wasn’t just showing off a cool science experiment…I wanted him to do it himself and be able to understand and explain the science behind it!

One of my biggest pet peeves (as a teacher and now as a parent) is when I see parents doing projects for the kids and then try to bring them up to speed. Kids are more than capable of doing most of the work themselves…even kindergartners (with some guidance)!

How To Choose A Science Fair Project

My #1 tip for science fair projects for kids is to go try to answer a question surrounding something your child is interested in! This will ensure that it is child-led and that your child will want to find the answer to his/her question!

Example of Our Kindergarten Science Project

Big brother was very interested in space and so we attempted to answer a question regarding craters on the moon for his science fair project last year.

As you can see, he did most of his project on his own…including asking Siri to find out the answer! Haha! :)

science fair project

25+ Awesome Science Fair Ideas for Kids

I’ve broken the following science fair projects for kids appropriate for primary students (K-2) and elementary students (3-5). Since I am a firm believer in kids taking the lead, the ideas for younger kids are simpler and easier to understand. The ideas for older kids tend to take more knowledge about the scientific process.

Science Projects for Primary Students:

science fair projects

 Simple Science Experiment:  Why Are there Craters on the Moon? 


What is blood made of A hands-on science demonstration - science project idea

What is Blood Made Of?  A hands-on model of the parts of blood!


Science project - Why the human body needs both muscles and bones (a hands-on demonstration)

Why the Human Body Needs both Muscles and Bones:  A simple explanation


Science Fair Project - How Do Arctic Animals Stay Warm in Icy Water

How Do Arctic Animals Stay Warm in Icy Water?  (use two zip-top bags instead of the gloves so that the whole class can try it out).


Can-You-Blow-Up-a-Balloon-in-a-Bottle Science Fair Project

Can You Blow Up a Balloon in a Bottle?:  

 sunscreen science fair projectThe “Why Do I Need Sunscreen?” Experiment


fizzy balloon science project

Fizzy Balloons

More Science Project Ideas from our blogger friends:

Primary Science Experiments

Bicolor Flowers  ::  Playdough to Plato

Simple Circuits (First Grade Science)  ::  What Do We Do All Day

Water Cycle in a Bag  ::  Playdough to Plato


Primary Science Fair Experiments

Make a Penny Turn Green  ::   Buggy and Buddy

 Make a Balloon Rocket  ::  Paging Fun Mums

 Build, Paint, and Erupt Foaming Volcano ::  Fun at Home with Kids

Elementary Science Fair Projects:

These science projects are slightly more complicated and require a more thorough understanding of the scientific process.


Ocean Zones in a Jar - science project for kids

Ocean Zones in a Jar:  Exploring Liquid Density and the Layers of the Ocean
(the pouring of the liquids requires a steady hand)


Lava Lamp - science fair project

Make Your Own Lava Lamp:  Watch what happens when oil, water, and food coloring get mixed with a tab of Alka Seltzer!


The Bouncy Egg Experiment


Here are more great Elementary Science Projects from our blogger friends:

Elementary Science Fair Projects

Walking Water (exploring capillary action)  ::  Coffee Cups and Crayons

Build an Electro-Magnetic Train  ::  Frugal Fun for Boys

Egg Geodes  ::  Tinkerlab


elementary science fair experiments

Walking on Eggs (this would be awesome)  ::  Playdough to Plato

 Make Magnetic Mud (Ferrofluid)  ::  Kids Activities Blog

 Make a Lemon Battery  ::  Kids Activities Blog


More Elementary Sience Fair Ideas

The Science Behind Slime  ::  Fun at Home with Kids

Simple Slime Recipe ::  Little Bins for Little Hands

Leak-Proof Bag  ::  Paging Fun Mums

DIY Glowing Flowers  ::  Fun at Home with Kids


And if it is gross science experiments, you are looking for…check these out:

Gross science experiments


25 Totally Awesome Science Fair Projects

Check out more Science Fun on our Pinterest board!

This post was first published April 2015. Last updated 2018. 


    1. I was trying to find a challenging science project for school but none of these teach you anything I need 1 really badly waste of my time to

  1. ugh ok, this was really bad, I’m doing a exhibition that we do when we go to secondary we get 4 weeks to produce 2 or 3 questions that make sense, and are very deep, then we have to think of inquiry points by ourselves, we had to do this in 10 minutes, this is very hard for some 10 and 11 year olds, after this we have to present our work and we have to make our try and be the best, yeah this is kinda like a science fair, but its NOT fun, if we make a bad decision on what we are doing it about, we CANT change, tough luck, deal with it, this was horrible, the ideas where ok but i can find a way better site DONT WASTE YOUR TIME PPL

    1. Wow, did you really need to make a comment about how it wasted your time? You sound like a petty twelve year old. Also, if you are in COLLEGE, you should probably know how to spell it correctly. “College”, not “Collage”….and learn to capitalize your “I”s or I suspect you won’t do too well on that Chemistry project.

    2. People in college should be able to come up with their own science project ideas. Just my opinion, but I have a Bachelor of SCIENCE, so I guess I should know…

    3. If you really were in college, than you would at least know how to spell correctly. Not just that, but this website is called I can teach my child. Not I can teach college students.

  2. It is so nice to see guys/girls sharing science fair projects for kids. Balloon, lava, baking soda, and other materials are common in science projects. Keep sharing the good ones.

  3. Umm, did you read. They start out saying about helping a kindergarter, plus the pictures show small children. I would of and did take it they were projects for small children.

    1. Your comment states ‘this stuff is not cool but ugh no body would make these if there dumb enagh the will lol this stuff is dumb’. I would like to point out, you call several innocent small children ‘dumb’. Yet you cannot capitalize, do not know grammatical laws, spell multiple things incorrectly, and your comment makes no sense in general. Also, inanimate projects do not have an intelligience. If you mean that in your opinion it is displeasing, then stop polluting the chat with hate comments that nobody cares about.

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