Sequin Slime

Sequin Slime

Involve the little ones in celebrating the New Year by making this fun Sequin slime! This is very similar to the Star-Spangled Slime we made back in July.


Here’s what you’ll need:  


liquid starch



I would have preferred to use clear glue, but we didn’t have any on hand. We made do with regular white school glue instead. :)






 1. Dump your bottle (or two) of glue into a bowl. Slowly add the liquid starch while stirring. Keep adding it, a little at time, until the mixture begins to stick together and congregate in the center of the bowl. Continue stirring and adding starch until bits of the goop no longer sticks to your fingers when you touch it.


{Need some slime troubleshooting? Check out “How to Fix Slime Fails” from Fun at Home with Kids!} 




2. Add sequins to the top of the slime and then knead.




Store in an airtight container!



Sequin Slime square Lots of sparkly fun!



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