Shape Fire Engine

We can’t learn about fire without learning about those who put them out…and their mode of transportation, of course! This is a great way to practice shape recognition, scissor skills, and visual discrimination (placement of the “tires”, etc).

Here’s what you’ll need:  construction paper, a marker, a glue stick and scissors.


1. Trace and cut out your shapes. I arranged them just to make sure I had everything. We used 1 large red rectangle, 2 black circles, 1 white square, 1 white rectangle (with a ladder drawn on it), and two smaller squares. Had I been thinking, I would have had Big Brother cut them out (he obviously needs the practice), but I apparently wasn’t.

2. Lay the shapes out on the table. I purposely did not lay them out like the above picture because I wanted Big Brother to be the one to choose the placement of each shape.

3. Give your child the glue stick and let him/her get busy!

He did a great job coming up with his own placement for the shapes, though I did encourage him to put the white square as a window instead of off the firetruck as he had originally wanted.



  1. Thanks for posting this idea, it will be great for my little boy as he’s learning about fire safety at school. I love that your ideas can be done with stuff I already have around my house and that even a completely un-crafty person like me can pull them off! :)

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