Shaving Cream + Cornstarch = Fun


We tried out a new sensory experience with shaving cream and cornstarch that I originally saw on Ms. Lisa’s Musings and Mayhems (via Pinterest). The boys loved it and if we’re being completely honest…I thought it was pretty cool too! :)

After it is mixed up well, it is moldable. The texture is nothing like I’ve felt before and I can’t even do it justice describing it–you’ll just have to try it out for yourself!


Here’s what you’ll need:  Shaving cream, cornstarch, and a plastic tub or pan.






 1. Sprinkle some corn starch into the bottom of your pan/tub.





2. Add shaving cream on top of that. We didn’t measure, we just experimented to see what consistency worked best.





 3. Let your little one mix it together with his/her hands.











 The boys had a blast!





 After they were done, we washed their hands with the hose! :)







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  1. We did this as well and the kids loved it. I typically do not like the feeling of this type of stuff, but even I liked it!

  2. iam a preschool teacher and ive done this with my class and they loved it . I Made enough for all of took some home

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