Sight Word Christmas Tree Printable

Practice basic sight words in a festive way with this Sight Word Christmas Tree Printable!  A blank version is included as well if you would like to practice specific words instead of the ones I have included!

Sight Word Christmas Tree



My daughter has been busy practicing her kindergarten sight words!  Memorizing sight words is just one method to include in the teaching toolbox of a balanced literacy program.  Other aspects include phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension.  But because sight word recognition can be somewhat tedious, I wanted to make our sight word practice a little more festive (to go along with our other Christmas activities)!


Sight words, also known as “high-frequency words”, are the most common words a child will encounter when learning to read. Often times, these words do not follow basic phonics rules. Because of this, I recommend helping your child memorize sight words that cannot be decoded using the basic phonics rules (I call these “cheater” words because they don’t play fair). Several sight word lists can be found online, including the Dolch and Fry lists.


For this printable, I chose some sight words that my daughter has been working on. But I also included a blank option (both black & white and color) so that you can add your own words.  There are approximately 4 “ornaments” for every word in the word bank.


Sight Word Christmas Tree

Here’s what you will need for this activity:


1. Gather your supplies.  Print out the Sight Word Christmas Tree printable if you haven’t already.


2.  Have your child read the sight word next to each color in the word bank and find all of the matching words, dotting them with the corresponding color!




Sight Word Christmas Tree

All done!



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