Sight Words in the Sand

Sight Words in the Sand


I am so excited to share with you 100 Fun and Easy Learning Games for Kids, a book written by my blogging friends Kim and Amanda from The Educator’s Spin on It. Their book just came out a few days ago!


This book is FILLED with new and amazing activities and beautiful pictures! If you are looking for some educational activities to fill long summer days with your children, this book is for you!


100 Fun and Easy Learning Games Promotion with supplies


We were inspired by their “Words in the Sand” activity on page 62 in the book. We made a few adaptations, including adding alphabet stamps for more learning fun!


Here’s what you’ll need:


Sand (we only had kinetic sand so that is what we used)

Washable black marker

Alphabet Stamps

Paintbrush (you’ll use the pointed end not the brush itself)



Seashells in a Box

We live thousands of miles from an ocean, so the best we could do for seashells is to buy a box of ’em from Amazon. :)



Sight Words in the Sand

1. Write your sight words on the inside of each shell…



Sight Words in the Sand

…I chose to use a washable marker so the words can be washed off and the seashells used for another activity (like I said, seashells are hard to come by around these parts). :)


Sight Words in the Sand

2. Have your child turn over a seashell and stamp the letter into the sand.




3. Next, have him/her write the word using the pointed end of a paintbrush.




Little brother noticed a shell on the tray that had a pointy end and chose to write with that instead of the paintbrush.



Sight Words in the Sand

Ta-da! Lots of great sight word practice!



100 Learning Games Front Cover

Grab your copy of 100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids here!



Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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