Silver Bells Memory Game

Silver Bells Memory Game


This idea is pure genius. I can say that because it’s not mine! I first saw this game on The Activity Mom (who got it from here) and instantly knew it would be a HUGE hit for Big Brother since he is obsessed with playing Memory (and normally beats me whenever we play)!

Here’s what you’ll need:  several Hershey kisses, dot stickers (like you use for a garage sale), and a sharpie.

1. Write your letters on the stickers. I made sure each letter was on the same color, so as not to be confusing. We played with the lowercase letters in Big and Little Brother’s names (8 pairs), but you could do anything…numbers, shapes, sight words, or colors!
2. Place the letter stickers on the bottom of each Hershey kiss. They fit absolutely perfectly!
3. Lay them out in  grid on the table.
4. Take turns letting your little one turn two over at time and then you do the same.
A match, hooray!
We love playing Memory together!

This was just as big of a hit as I thought it would be! Big Brother wanted to play this over and over and over again…especially after learning to recognize the letters.



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