Snow & Ice Salt Writing Tray

Frozen-inspired Salt Writing Tray


I am somewhat obsessed with the smooth, shiny, ice-like texture from corn syrup paint. A few weeks ago we created a Frozen-inspired name painting. After it was finished, I thought it would be a great for a salt writing tray as well!


Little Brother and I had a great time making and playing with this fun salt-writing tray! It is a great way for him to practice forming the letters of the alphabet (in addition to shapes and numbers…and anything else he wants to “write”).


Here’s what you’ll need:  A tray that is a couple inches deep (I used the top of a to-go container, but a pizza box would work great too), corn syrup, food coloring, glitter, and salt!




1. Combine corn syrup, blue food coloring, and glitter to make your “ice”. Paint it on the bottom of you tray. (Note:  I would recommend using a tray that is completely flat. Ours took days to “dry” because it had ridges and curves which meant we had to use a lot of paint. Keep in mind–the less “paint” you use, the better!)




2. Let it dry completely. This could take a few hours up to a day or two, depending on how much corn syrup paint you use.




3. Once it is completely dry, add your salt until there is a smooth layer over the surface of the tray.




4. Let your little one get busy writing letters, drawing shapes, or numbers in the salt tray!




Little Brother loved the feeling of the icy paint underneath the “snow”.















Salt-Writing Tray Inspired by Frozen



Snow and Ice Salt Writing Tray



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  1. Does this really dry? We’ve waited a week and it’s still as gloopy as the day we put it in the container. Does corn syrup harden?

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