Hide and Seek Shape Activity

First published Jan 2012. 

Learn about shapes

I’ve been working with Little Brother on identifying some basic shapes and I thought this would be a good opportunity to use up the bag of fake snow that I used with our snowy sight words. Instead of cutting out shapes, I used the pieces from our Melissa & Doug Shape Puzzle.

Here’s what you’ll need:  fake snow (or the real stuff, if you have it) and some pre-cut shapes (or puzzle pieces).

Use our free Printable Shapes here.

How To Play Hide and Seek Shapes

1. Put all the shapes into the ‘snow’ and then bury them underneath.

hide the shapes

2. Let your little one ‘hunt’ for the shapes, making sure to repeat the shape names whenever he/she finds them!

find shapes hidden in the snow

Yes, this shapes activity did make a mess. But it took less than 5 minutes to vacuum up…which was totally worth it for the fun time that LB and I had playing learning together!


hide and seek shape activity

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hide and seek shape activity


  1. This looks like fun! We have been having a warm-ish winter here this year so we might just have to use those flakes…until we get some snow.

  2. My son has sensory therapy and they do this during his sessions. They also use rice bins, corn bins, and bean bins to hide objects in. Kids love to dig in there and find the toys hidden underneath! They all make a mess but easily swept up.

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