"Spring Brings" – A Collection of Simple Activities for Preschoolers

Guest post by Stacie

Ah, spring!  It’s finally here…and we are so happy to spend more time outside! There are so many wonderful activities to do in celebration of spring!
Here are just a few things spring brings:
1)  Spring brings FLOWERS
 Handprint flowers are easy-to-make and a great keepsake.
You can also make flower prints from a water or pop bottle!
2)  Spring brings SUN
When the sun comes out, it’s fun to explore shadows. Play a simple game
 of “Shadow Stomp” by chasing each other and stomping on your shadows!
Use the heat of the sun to make S’mores treats!
3)  Spring brings WIND
An inexpensive activity for those windy days is kite-flying! Pick
one up at a discount store or make a simple kite for preschoolers.
This streamer kite is perfect for toddlers!

4)  Spring brings THUNDERSTORMS
Little ones are often fearful of thunderstorms. Sharing the sweet
story Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco and making your own
 thunder cake can be a great activity to quell those fears!
Stacie blogs about crafts, cooking, and enrichment projects for little ones over at The Amazing Mess. A teacher by training, she now enjoys staying at home with her three girls. Her days are filled with homeschooling, reading, cooking, blogging, and cleaning up messes!


  1. Love the handprints. The kids I nanny will have fun making this for their mom for her Bday coming up in Nov. I plan to get a shadow box and have each of the kids do hand prints. Then the can decorate their craft sticks. Maybe even have individual pots for them to decorate as well. Thinking tissue paper. This is so perfect. I am so excited.

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