Spring Cleaning: Kid’s Edition (Day Two)

Spring Cleaning Kid's Edition


It’s Day Two of our Spring Cleaning:  Kid’s Edition Challenge! How did yesterday go? I shared on my Facebook page yesterday afternoon that I was already procrastinating with today’s challenge. But I scrounged up all the self-motivation I could muster and forged on.

Here is your task for Day Two:


Go through all the toys in your home. Get rid of the ones your child doesn’t play with and organize the rest!


I am a strong believer that children’s rooms should be primarily for sleeping, so we don’t keep very many toys in the boy’s rooms. Big Brother has some toys, cars, and learning manipulatives in his drawers for quiet time (since he doesn’t nap anymore) and Little Brother has some special stuffed animals…but beyond that, we don’t have many toys in their rooms. We don’t have many toys on our main floor anymore either, so almost all the toys are located in our basement “kid’s oasis”.

Here is a look of the before and after:

Playroom Before



Yeah, it was bad…and this was what it looked like “picked up” (you should have seen it last week). The toys at the bottom of that heaping pile probably haven’t been played with in months.


Playroom After



Instead of putting all the toys back in the baskets, I decided to split them up and put them into two separate plastic tubs. One tub will stay out in the playroom to be played with and another will be put up in storage. Every few months, I’ll change the tubs so that the boys can having something “new to them” to play with.



You can see the toy tub in the picture below. I also put the tubs of Legos and blocks WAY up high. The boys are welcome to play with these whenever they want to, but sometimes they end up being dumped out (especially when friends come over) and then end up getting thrown across the room. Boys.

Toy storage


As far as the upstairs goes, we have one basket of toys (and books):



And I also use our leather storage ottoman to keep puzzles and other learning toys:







We even managed to take a trash bag full of toys to Goodwill!

Toys are pared down and organized…now onto tomorrow’s task! Check back in the morning for your next assignment. :)



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  1. We have been working on this, but it is definitely more than a one day project! So far, we have given away two trash bags full of toys, thrown away all the broken toys and those missing pieces. I’ve started putting some into tubs to rotate. We do this with our marble racer, Lincoln Logs, Geo Trax, and other toys with small pieces that can end up “dumped”. I think it’s time to pack up some more :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You say boys…..but I put hte girls barbies and polly pockets way up high as well. Same thing, a floor full of dolls to clean up, so they must ask for them and set a sepcific time to have them cleaned up by…. Great posts!

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