Starting School is a Big “Dilly”: Printable Tags for Dilly Bars


Dairy Queen Dilly Bars were always a big treat for us growing up. Rarely do our kids get to indulge in them, but  the first day of school calls for an extra-special treat! These printable tags (which were born out of the desire to do something special for my niece and nephew’s first day of preschool) are an easy way to make a delicious treat even more personal!


Print out your labels here, including Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st through 8th grades.


You can attach the tag directly onto the Dilly Bar package or you can put the Dilly Bar in a brown lunch sack and attach it to the bag (like I did). I chose to do it this way because I didn’t want the perspiration from the unfreezing of the Dilly Bar to make the ink in the tag run. :)




What is your favorite “Back to School” treat???



  1. Could I trouble you for one for my daughter’s birthday…with the ‘Starting’ changed to ‘Turning’, the misc. grade changed to ‘7’ OR ‘Seven’ & ”Hope you had a great day!’ changed to ‘Have a happy birthday!’ ‘
    If it’s possible, you could email the file to me at [email protected]
    I’d appreciate it ever so much!

  2. Hey there! Just wanted to pop in to let you know that I have been using these every first day of school with my boys since they started pre-school. They are now in 3rd and 4th grades. I LOVE this! Thank you for creating it! We love our DQ tradition!

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