Thanksgiving Charades

Thanksgiving Charades- Fun for the Whole Family

Our family has recently discovered a love for the game Charades. I printed off the Halloween Charades from Buggy and Buddy and we have had a blast! I also ordered the real Charades game for Big Brother for Christmas (or his birthday–I haven’t yet decided, as they are less than a month apart). :)  


In the meantime, we thought we would make our own Thanksgiving Charades to enjoy for the days leading up to Thanksgiving!


Download your own printable Thanksgiving Charades game here:  


Thanksgiving Charades



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  1. Thanks for the great idea! I would suggest changing the ‘Native American’ boy to avoid perpetuating hurtful stereotypes, though.

  2. Hey Jenae! Love the cards! I guess everyone has a different opinion. I was thinking it should be Indian Boy. Where I live, it is a heritage and something to be proud of. (I know this is not a political forum. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love you!

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