throw a "snowball"

A sweet reader, Anna, e-mailed me with the idea to use cotton balls as pretend “snowballs”. Both of my boys loved this! We have all been “sicklings” for the last several days…so it was nice to do something fun together.

We first had a “snowball” fight and threw them at each other. Then, I got out a Santa container I had and let them try to toss the snowballs into the container.

And of course…we had to count them as we put them back into the container.

Hooray for fun, wintry, indoor gross motor practice!

Literature Link
Snowballs by Lois Ehlert


  1. Great idea! Shared it on FB and Twitter as day 14 activity for Magic Christmas for Toddlers countdown! PS. I'm doing this home today! ;)

    Oh, Jeane? Are you on Twitter?

  2. crumpled up paper works well as snowballs; we use them in school, thrown into a large decorated paper bag, with many adaptations….we count how many we make/miss, we use clipboards and tally marks as we throw to keep track, we chart how many each child makes in (*and/or from different distances)….try to throw them in with non-dominant hand, by throwing them over our head facing backwards……lots of ideas, then in the end we usually make big piles for each child and have a 2 minute "snowball free for all "fight"

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