Toddler Time: 4 Weeks of Activities for Toddlers



The big kids are in school…which means it is time for a little structured play for Little Sister! For the next 4 weeks I will be featuring an activity each day (M-F) just for toddlers…many will be new and some will be old posts I did with the boys when they were little. The activities will be structured as follows:


Mondays:  Colors

Tuesdays:  Shapes

Wednesdays:  Numbers

Thursdays:  Letters

Fridays:  Sensory Play


I am gearing this towards older toddlers/young preschoolers (Little Sister is 2 1/2 years old). Although I aim to make the activities as safe as possible, there might be some activities that are not appropriate for children who still put items in their mouths. Use your own discretion and consult your pediatrician if you have any concerns. As with EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY I post on my blog, all activities must be supervised the entire time.


Some activities will be new and some will just be old posts that Little Sister and I will be doing that day. All of them will be fun and interactive…and will take less than 10 minutes! A few of my blogging pals will also be participating, so there will be lots of activities to choose from!


Join us on Instagram with the hashtag #toddlertime and lets share some great ideas with each other! And check back here for all of the activities we will be doing for the next four weeks!


Week 1

Monday:  Colors

Toddler Time

Sorting and Threading Foam Beads (according to color)

Craft Stick Color Dominoes  ::  Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Learning Colors Activity & Printable  ::  JDaniel 4’s Mom

Colorful Spin Art Apple Banner  ::  Toddler Approved



Tuesday:  Shapes

Toddler Time activities for toddlers

Shape Exploration for Toddlers

Giant Shape Sorter for Kids  ::  Toddler Approved



Wednesday:  Numbers


Number Pound

Chocolate Chip Apple Math  ::  Toddler Approved



Thursday:  Letters


Feed the Alphabet Monster

Alphabet Apple Punching Activity  ::  Toddler Approved

Apple Tree Letter Matching Game  ::  JDaniel4’s Mom




Week 2

Monday:  Colors


Color Skee-Ball



Tuesday:  Shapes


Replicating Shapes in a Salt Tray 



Wednesday:  Numbers


Matching Numbers to Leaves on a Stem


Thursday:  Letters


Stamping the Letter “C” with Celery


























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