Toddler Time: Balancing

Little Brother came up with this activity all on his own! He drug out my big red plastic bowl, turned it upside down, and stood on top of it!

At first I thought he was just silly, but then I watched him as he carefully balanced himself on top. He also loves to step down (great training for walking down stairs) and jump off.

You could even try using a 2×4 for a balance beam if your child is a little older like we did in this fiery leaves activity.



  1. I love your leave a comment where you don’t have to scroll forever to get to it. Some sites I just give up before I get to the bottom. If they have that many they aren’t going to read mine anyways. Oh what was I going to say. Your little man is a doll! Oh and I love love your new site. I say this as I am completely envious of you, but I am always jealous of your awesomeness. lol See you Sunday.

  2. Hi, nice observation and correlation. :)
    Coming to think of it, my daughter practices balancing on me. We play this game, where I lie on the floor on my stomach, and she stands on my back without holding anything.. she will balance and after a minute get down and start all over again.. since she is not heavy, it is actually fun..

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