Toddler Time: Matching Animals to Pictures

After our visit to the Dairy Farm yesterday, I figured this would be a great activity for Little Brother. I just printed off pictures of 3 animals (cow, pig, and sheep) that I found online and then used our “Little People” toys as props.

1. Just line the pictures up and then say, “Look, it’s a pig. Can you put this on top of the picture of the pig?”

2. Continue with the remaining animals. Little Brother wasn’t exactly sure what to do at first, but he quickly caught on.

Adjust the number of pictures/animals for the age of your child. For children younger than 18 months, I would suggest doing just 2 pictures.


  1. i like this a lot..your ideas are amazing and want to thank you for sharing… I am a new follower. :)

  2. Great receptive language activity! :] You can also try using puzzles to work on “sorting”. For example, have an animal puzzle and then a transportation puzzle, hand your child one puzzle piece and ask them to put it where it goes (show them what you mean first)… doesn’t have to go in the exact spot, but on the correct board. :]

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