Fun Body Parts Song For Toddlers

Little Brother had absolutely no interest in singing this song with me (probably due to the blocks, large exercise ball, and train table in his immediate eyesight). But I think it is a fun song nonetheless (especially for younger toddlers), so I decided to share it with you regardless of how non-participatory Little Brother was in this video.

And yes, I know I have a terrible voice. I’m swallowing my pride as I speak type.

Body Parts Song


The Body Parts Song Lyrics (to the tune of  “Where is Thumpkin?”)

Where is your nose? Where is your nose?
Here it is. Here it is.
Touch it with your finger. Touch it with your finger.
Just like me. Just like me.
(Insert a different body part for each verse:  eyes, ears, tummy, toes, etc)

Perhaps your child will be more interested in it than mine was!

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  1. Brilliant Body Parts song! I still remember taking my son to the doctor when he was 2 and they asked him to point to different body parts. He couldn’t do it. I thought…. if I’d known there was going to be a test, we would have studied! That was my first born, for my second we practiced and guess what – the doctor never asked him! Fortunately now at 7 and 9 we have NO problem identifying our parts!

  2. We have one too.

    Fingers and toes and
    Knees and nose and
    Eyes and ears!
    And Ell-a-bows
    Cheeks! And Chins
    and then there’s those (butt)
    And that is how the body song goes.
    (pointing or jiggling each part as I sing it)

    Our little guy seems to respond to the rhyming.

    1. LOVE IT!! Going to try today. My LO points to his mouth, nose, and head but only when he wants. Will be trying this for sure. So cute!!

  3. I loved this song! I will try it with my son today! I LOVED that your son with more occupied by the objects in the room; guarantee my son will do the same :)
    Thanks for sharing your song.

  4. LOVE this song!! So cute– and your solo was great!!!! My son is 10 months old, and fascinated with noses right now! I’m going to start singing this song with him and make him a body parts book!!

    I’m a teacher too, and have had to work hard to get over my “stage fright” singing in front of them (I can’t really carry a tune in a bucket!)

  5. love the song new mix to the were is thumbkin song and head and sholders

    at just under 2 yrs old my daughter has her body parts down not only in english but also in tagalog (philipino) as her lola (grama)and andone *an da- o neh (great grama) sing with her all the time. i love there little song but can not practice it with her at all as well i merder it i cant roll my RRRS well lol

  6. i did something like this with my son, 18 months, but every time we do it, we give high fives. he loves getting them and he only gets them when he does something good. makes both mom and son smile

  7. Will definitely give this a try. He’s so proud when he learns something new. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I love your song! It’s hard to find good songs to teach kids about the body, but yours works (I have used it with my kids). Here’s another video that’s really good I found on youtube (Toddler World TV)…it’s called “The Parts of You and Me” and it’s performed by the folk group called The Little Blue Globe Band.

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