Toddler Time: Sorting (and Counting) Ornaments

Before we go any further, let me preface:  Do not use ornaments that are special or sentimental to you. And obviously, no glass.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way…

We used some drum ornaments that I bought for 30 cents each at Dollar General last year after Christmas.


I dumped them in a bowl and Little Brother and I attempted to sort them by color.


But Little Brother is going through a bit of a possessive phase…so that didn’t go so well.

So we counted them instead. And counted them again. And again…


Adaptation…that’s life with a 2-year old, right?



  1. Funny! Sounds similar to my life with a VERY stubborn 4 year old. Seriously, no learning activity that I introduce these days goes according to my plan. Although somehow things get learned anyway!

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