The topic NOBODY wants to talk about…

The Safe Touch Coloring Book

My palms are a little sweaty writing this post…This is a topic NOBODY (including me) wants to discuss. But it is one of great importance, especially since children younger and younger are being bombarded with sexual content. You can’t even turn on the television at 7:00pm without almost immediately seeing (or hearing) something sexual in nature (which is why we don’t turn the TV on while our kids are awake, unless they’re watching a show specifically for children).

Thankfully, though, someone has stepped up to the plate and tackled this tough subject. And I happen to be related to her! Dr. Beth Robinson, of Kids Call Me Doc, is a licensed professional counselor who currently has a private practice specializing in traumatized children. She also is Assistant Provost and Graduate Director of Behavior Sciences at Lubbock Christian University. In addition, she has written 4 books, including God Made Me: The Safe Touch Coloring Book. She is my dad’s cousin, making her my second cousin (right?).

Before you think “Wait a second, my child is WAY too young for this” (like I did), consider this:
“When I started talking about sex education, I was talking to teenagers and their parents. I quickly realized that a lot of sex education occurs before children become adolescents. The best time to talk starting about sexuality is when your children are small. The conversations you need to have with a three, four, or five-year-old are much easier to manage than the conversations you need to have with a fifteen-year-old.  
Much of the foundation of sex education is put in place during preschool and elementary school years. Keep in mind that sex education includes much more than just the physical aspects of sex. Sex education also includes developing spiritual values, understanding emotional intimacy, recognizing healthy loving relationships, respecting others, setting appropriate boundaries, and understanding how males and females are different.”
Here are some excellent articles for you to peruse regarding this subject:

Preschoolers and Sexual Behavior (I found this article especially helpful)

Are you as uncomfortable as I am? I thought so.


  1. I think it is a much different and scarier world now than when I was a kid. Every generation probably says that but its true. There were no Victoria's Secrets commercials on at all hours or morning news shows talking about sex. The celebrity/paparazzi stuff is just awful. At 3 years old, my daughter repeats things she hears only once, so I have to be very careful about what she hears or sees. It is important to be the source of information and guidance for them their whole lives and to represent the Godly example to them in all aspects. It is uncomfortable to think about but much more terrifying to think about what they will learn from society as they get older.

  2. Fantastic post. I am a firm believer in all that was written. I seriously need to check out that coloring book.

  3. As an educator {who has witnessed the effects of sexual abuse in preschoolers} and a momma to a sweet 5 year old who has endured awful and terrible sexual abuse, I really appreciate this post. I appreciate the Godly perspective. I appreciate the resources.

    Unfortunately, in our world, there is so much evil. I struggle DAILY with hatred towards the people that have scarred my child forever. And more than anything, I want him to have a healthy view of intimacy the way God intended it.

    Thank you for this post. Because…as uncomfortable as it made you…it was almost soothing to me. I live out these issues daily, and sometimes it's nice to see that others recognize there are issues and things we can help with to keep our children's minds & bodies healthy.

  4. This comment isn't really for the topic at hand, but about your question if your dad's cousin is your second cousin? I like genealogy, but it can be so confusing! Your dad's cousin is actually your first cousin, once removed. Here is a nice website that describes it in detail.

  5. my friends son, totally by accident got exposed to porn while looking into military things he and his Dad were and Dad fell asleep on the couch. It was and is tramatizing to this child. He is jsut 10.

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