Truth in the Tinsel

I know it seems like Christmas is a ways away (and it is…we haven’t even gotten through Halloween yet)! But I would like to implore you to begin thinking about the traditions and customs you want to include in your Christmas celebration this year. I once heard the following in a parenting class and it has really impacted me:

“The cornerstone of your child’s memories of their own childhood will revolve around holiday traditions and vacations.”

I think this is so true…when I think back to my own childhood, the moments I remember usually involve one of the two, a vacation or a holiday. Because of this, my husband and I have decided that we need to be intentional and deliberate about both of these things. We don’t want to implement meaningless traditions, however, we want to implement traditions that shape and mold the hearts of our sweet children. We want Christmas to be fun and joyous…but we ultimately want our children to celebrate the birth of our Savior most of all.

That’s where Truth in the Tinsel comes in.

My friend Amanda created this amazing 24-day “curriculum” of sorts to use every day in December. Every single day revolves around a story of Christ’s birth or his ultimate purpose for coming to Earth. There is an ornament craft for each day that your child creates. Here is an example of Day 1:  Jesus came to bring light to the world.


I also bought a copy of Truth in the Tinsel for our closest friends and family members with young children and gave it as their Christmas/Advent gift last year, with a bag with a few of the supplies needed.


Overall, this was a wonderful way to focus our minds and hearts on Christ at Christmas time. We will definitely be doing it again this year!


This year Amanda has also added a new element:  printable ornaments. Christmas is a busy time and sometimes you might not be able to do a craft every single day. You can use the printable ornaments to supplement on the days you miss.


The Truth in the Tinsel eBook  is currently priced at $7.99.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this with me on facebook. I purchased both. I already have another advent activity planned for this year, but will use some of the activities. And I’ll read the book and share it on my blog and facebook. I love that it is an inexpensive printable. Or – a family in a tight spot could do without printing and just read it off a tablet.

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