Vertical Writing with Window Crayons

Writing on a vertical surface provides great fine-motor practice and helps a young child learn how to correctly hold a writing utensil. It is hard to improperly hold a crayon at that angle!

On my latest Target trip, I lingered in the school supply aisle for a while trying to decide how to use a Crayola coupon I received in the mail. I found some window crayons for around $4.00 and decided we would give them a try! I found this to be much easier than pulling out our garage-sale easel for vertical fine motor practice!

I pulled them out yesterday and they were a hit!

The crayons are pretty waxy, so expect to use several paper towels to clean your window. I used a multi-surface spray and my window is still just a little cloudy. One of these days I’ll pull out the Windex and clean it properly!

And in case you’re wondering what the package looks like…here’s a picture.

Disclosure:  I receive ABSOLUTELY NO compensation for this post. I just think that these window crayons are great!


  1. So you know, I always use Windex to clean my windows after my kids use these and it still leaves a cloud. I've found that after I really cleaned it, I use a clean dry cloth on the cloudy part and it comes right off.

  2. We LOVE these too!! My little guy plays and plays with them and my teenage daughter can't resist doodling all over the sliding glass door as she goes out or comes in lol.

  3. I love these too!! I use them on our glass sliders during parties to write "Happy Birthday" messages or "Happy Holidays" and theme appropriate drawings. I will use this idea in my soon to be opened family daycare center. Great for the kiddos!!

  4. i have a very larg sliding door in my living room and some dry erase crayons ……. we are so doing this tomorrow my DD loves to colour every thing. the one problem i see lerned from this though is that its ok to draw on walls ………….

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