Water bead Slime

Water Bead Slime


After we made our Sequin Slime, I noticed that I had some extra water beads left over from our “What is Blood Made Of?” Sensory Tub. I wondered what a combination of the two would be like, so the boys and I decided we would try making water bead slime!


Before I share the directions, I want to be clear that the water beads don’t always stick to the slime. Sometimes the beads fall out, so you would definitely want to keep it away from babies and younger siblings. But the texture itself is pretty neat!


Here’s what you’ll need:  Clear School GlueWater beads, a bowl, and Liquid Starch.


1. Follow the directions on the package to hydrate your water beads.






2. Pour 2 containers of your clear school guess into a bowl.



 3. Slowly add the liquid starch while stirring. Keep adding it, a little at time, until the mixture begins to stick together and congregate in the center of the bowl. Continue stirring and adding starch until bits of the goop no longer sticks to your fingers when you touch it.



 {Need some slime troubleshooting? Check out “How to Fix Slime Fails” from Fun at Home with Kids!} 




 4. Once the water beads are fully hydrated, add them to the slime and knead. Some will break loose and bounce away, so make sure younger siblings are out of the area.






Stretch, squeeze, and play!








 As I have already shared, eventually some of the water beads will come loose. But it is still a neat sensory experience!



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Water Bead Slime Square


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