When TV Can Promote Pretend Play

Guest post by Crystal

My daughter loves TV. Although we try to keep a limit on it, there are some days that the TV stays on a little too long. So, after watching several episodes of Max and Ruby (brother and sister rabbits), “we” decided there had to be some educational element we could add. So, we made Ruby ears to play Max and Ruby together.

It was very simple. Just cut a strip of 
card stockconstruction paper, or foam paper into a strip. We had to make two strips and staple them together end to end to make it long enough. Then hold the strip around your child’s head to determine the length needed and staple. I put tape over the staples so they wouldn’t catch in her hair.

We drew one bunny ear on 
white construction paper and then folded the paper in half and cut two at a time so they would come out even.  My daughter wanted some pink in the middle so they would look “real”.  We taped the ears on the cirlce strip and there you have it!

We have also made “Olivia” (the pig) ears and I got to be Ian her little brother. I must say, for such a simple thing, we have worn the ears for hours and had many conversations as we “played”  Olivia and  Ian or Max and Ruby. 

Crystal is a former first grade teacher turned stay-at-home Mom to two precious children.


  1. Great idea! My son really takes off on ideas from TV, quite often. His favorite is Curious George, but he also gets ideas from several other shows.

  2. I love that! My kids (ages 3 & 4) do similar things. They'd watch Jake & The Neverland Pirates…and shortly afterwards, I'd see them on the stairs to stay safe from the crocodile below. Then they'd chase the crocodile into the downstairs bathroom and shut the door, haha. They also love going on treasure hunts, my son brings his "map" everywhere we go (it's his imaginary map, but I can't break his heart telling him so).

  3. Max and Ruby inspired a serious love of capes in my son so he can be Super Bunny. Now I turn his blankies into capes almost every day. It is adorable, and a receiving blanket is the perfect sized cape for a 2 year old. Big enough to tie around his neck, small enough that it doesn't touch the floor and trip him.

  4. I completly agree. TV isn't all evil. It can kill creativity in excess, but it can spark it in moderation. We also love Max & Ruby and Olivia.

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