X-Ray Playdough

Learn about the skeletal system with X-Ray Playdough!


We are having a blast learning about the human body! As we have been learning about the various systems, the boys were especially intrigued with the skeletal system. We came up with this fun and interactive way to learn about the body system responsible for supporting our bodies, giving us our shape, and protecting our major organs!


We can feel our bones, but we can’t see them unless we are looking at a special picture called an X-Ray. In this activity, the Q-Tips act as bones to create our own X-Ray pictures! This would also be a great activity when learning about the letter X.


Here’s what you’ll need:  black play dough (you can make your own with black food coloring), Q-Tips, Skulls (laminated), and outlet covers.



1. Gather your black playdough or make your own.




2. Print off the skulls and laminate them. Use a hot glue gun to attach them to the outlet covers. (Note:  If you think the skull might scare your child, feel free to use a cotton ball or even a picture of his/her face).




3. Cut your Q-Tips into various lengths.

X-Ray Playdough

4. Let your child get started playing! Show him/her some photographs of the skeletal system and try to reproduce the major bones using the Q-Tips and play dough!

Playing with X-Ray Playdough



This was Little Brother’s skeleton!


Big Brother and I created this skeleton together!




X-Ray Playdough



Be sure to check out more fun ways to learn about the human body!



  1. That is so cool! I teach elementary music, and I bet there’s a way I could use that around Halloween time. The kids would love it. Thanks for sharing!

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