Getting Ready for Kindergarten eBook

  • Written by teachers and moms:  Both Becky and I are former teachers and now moms to children of multiple ages.  We have a realistic perspective on both sides of the coin.


  • Includes the Building Blocks of Kindergarten:  We have laid out 47 “building blocks”, or skills, that we feel are important for your child to have experience with before starting kindergarten.  Your child’s developmental block tower will have a different shape and order than my child’s or your neighbor’s, but everyone is working towards the goal of encouraging kids to love learning and to be successful.  Sometimes our blocks will be sideways or scattered, but they still provide a necessary foundation for future learning.


  • Emphasizes all Aspects of Development:  Social and self-help development are of equal importance to number recognition and pre-reading skills.  We look at the whole child, not just school subjects.


  • Includes Common Sense Tips:  This is not a workbook, rather this book is chock full of real-life, hands-on common sense tips for moms and dads.  We have included a few printables in the appendix of the book, but the majority of the book is simple ways to engage with your kids through play and real-world experiences.


This book is sold as a downloadable PDF.

You can also purchase the Kindle version here or buy it as a paperback for $9.99.