Numbers Activities for Preschoolers

Fun and Easy Number Activities

Learning numbers is an essential of early childhood education. The following number activities for toddlers to preschoolers  will provide fun and hands-on ways of teaching your child numbers and one-to-one correspondence. From counting aloud to higher level math skills, number recognition is an essential preschool skill!

Pumpkin Match Game

This is such a fun numbers activity that combines one-to-one correspondence and number recognition. Toddlers will enjoy putting the pumpkins in their slots and preschoolers will enjoy counting the dots and matching the correct numbered pumpkin.

Counting With Stamps

Understanding that numbers are not just symbols, but represent quantities, is an important concept for preschoolers to learn. Too often, children can recite their numbers, but don’t fully understand what the numbers represent. This combined numbers activity and matching numbers game can help children with understanding and comparing numbers.


Number Flashcards

Anytime you can incorporate multiple senses into an activity, it is beneficial for your child’s learning. In this number recognition activity, your child will be using 2 of their senses, both sight and touch. Make your own number flashcards with some sand and glue.

Push Pin Art With Numbers

The idea for learning numbers with push pins came from Big Brother’s preschool teacher, who has been using this method for one of the alphabet stations in her classroom. It is super simple, great for teaching letter and number formation, and even helps your child develop the proper grip needed for writing.

Do A Dot Numbers

These Do-A-Dot Markers are so cool…and they’re especially wonderful for pre-writers. The thing I love about them is that they are so versatile and they allow your child to learn the correct formation of numbers before having to have the fine motor control to actually write them. Here’s a simple do-a-dot number activity you can do with them.

How To Teach Skip Counting

Using an abacus is an excellent way to make skip counting tangible for preschoolers. By adding the physical element of manipulating the abacus, children can comprehend the action of skip counting more accurately than teaching using only rote memorization.

Skip Counting with an Abacus

Counting Big Numbers On An Abacus

After learning skip counting, teach your kids how to count big numbers (and teach place value in the process) on an abacus.

Counting Up to Big Numbers using an Abacus

Dominoes Addition

Big Brother is learning to add, so we took the opportunity to turn a traditional game of dominoes into a fun math activity. This domino addition with dot markers can also be used to teach the concept of odd and even numbers using two  different colors of dot markers.

Domino Addition with Dot Markers

Find The Mystery Number

Learning numbers is more fun when you get to dig for them! Before doing any directed activity with the birdseed, just give the kids some scoops, funnels, or cups and they will stay busy for a long time! While they are busy playing, you can get all your supplies ready for this mystery number dig.

Birdseed dig

Pumpkin Dot To Dot

This Roll and Mark Pumpkin Dot Art number activity is super simple and perfect for preschoolers. Combine number learning and number recognition in with pumpkin play.

Roll and Mark Pumpkin Dot Art Activity free printable

Counting Buttons

Little Sister and I have been loosely working on one-to-one correspondence and number recognition lately. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for some Corduroy Math, inspired by this timeless book! Free teddy bear printables included for this activity.

Corduroy Math Learning with Buttons

Counting With Leaves

What kid doesn’t love playing in a big pile of leaves? Get your kids outdoors and mix some number learning with hands-on play!

Leaf Pile Number challenge new

Number Detectives

Invite your kids to be number detectives and “capture” their numbers by squirting them with water. Have fun outdoors while simultaneously working on so many skills, such as counting, number recognition, gross motor, and fine motor skills.

Number detectives - a fun game to help kids recognize their numbers || Gift of Curiosity

Counting With Popsicle Sticks

This simple number activity is great for number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and fine motor control! We used some robot stickers to make the activity even more appealing to Little Brother.

Counting Robots