Counting Up to Big Numbers with an Abacus

Counting Up to Big Numbers using an Abacus


Another way to use an abacus is skip counting to higher numbers (and teaching place value in the process). If you don’t already have an abacus and don’t want to buy one, you can make your own!

Write a two-digit number on a dry erase board or even a piece of paper.

If your child is still learning to count, he/she can count by ones while moving each individual bead.

Once he/she has mastered counting by ones to at least fifty and has begun skip counting, encourage your child to count by tens first and then ones to make the number on the abacus.






Counting by tens to 40 and then ones to 7.







This boy loves to learn!

What other creative ways do you have to use an abacus?



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  1. Is there a particular abacus you have? I’ve recently begun homeschooling and am still gathering things for our 6 year old. Thank you for this and the many things you pass on. I have SO many saved (:

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