Color Activities For Toddlers

There are few things more fun than teaching colors to a toddler! The colors around us are what make our world so beautiful, and identifying colors is an important skill for both toddlers and preschoolers. These simple color activities for toddlers, and color games make learning colors super fun and engaging!

Color Activities For Toddlers

Sorting Toys By Color

Sorting is such an important cognitive development skill for toddlers and preschoolers and this is a great way to encourage sorting using something kids are naturally interested in – toys and colors!

sorting toys by color

Color Hop For Toddlers

This color game for toddlers could not be easier. All you need is some assorted colors of chalk, and some fine weather!

Color Hop for Toddlers

Stoplight Colors Game

Put together this fun colors game and play indoors or outdoors. Learn colors of the traffic lights with a bean bag toss. Great for developing gross motor skills, as well!

Stoplight Colors Game

Scooping and Sorting Colors

Similar to our toy sorting activity above, except this time we have added in a tub of water. This color activity is a two-for-one! Your toddler will get some great fine motor practice using the spoon to scoop the lids,which is harder than it might seem. It also encourages the cognitive concept of sorting based on similar characteristics (in this case, color).

sorting lids into colors

Color Wheel For Toddlers

As I’ve matured in my journey as a parent, I’ve realized the best “teachable moments” occur in the most natural setting. Talking about numbers when counting acorns, talking about colors when looking at flowers, and talking about letters when seeing signs at the grocery store. This color  activity stays true to that method of teaching while adding a little prop to make color matching easier (and it doubles as a fun game- bonus).

Color Wheel on the Go

Painting With Whipped Cream

Why not make art and have dessert all at the same time? We enjoyed this outdoor Whipped Topping Painting activity that very quickly turned into a Whipped Topping Family Paint Fight!

Whipped Topping Painting

Color Skee Balls For Toddlers

Setting this color activity up literally took about 5 minutes. I just cut up a few of my Amazon boxes and used packing tape to attach them to the baskets.

color game with balls for toddlers

Learning Colors With Foam Beads

This sorting and threading foam beads activity for toddlers is excellent for color recognition and fine motor skills. Our foam beads are made from cut-up pool noodles and are used for quiet blocks as well.


Cereal Sorting Mat

Give your toddler a bowl of cereal and the mat and let him/her get busy! Inevitably, your child will end up eating just as much as she is sorting, but that is sort of the point. :)

Snowman Ball Sort

Make your own snowman ball sort for hours of fun for your toddler. Little Sister was smitten with her snowman! The effort was worth it!