Conversation Heart Graphing

Conversation Heart Graphing


If you’ve spent any time around children (or read any blogs with activities for kids), you know that this idea is certainly not anything new. In fact, I did this with my first graders every year when I was teaching. I have seen the idea for Conversation Heart Graphing adapted in what seems like a million different ways. But yet every child loves it (and not only because they normally get to eat a few of the candies at the end). :)

One thing I love about this activity is that it is easily adaptable for the age and ability of your child. I did this activity first with Little Brother and later with Big Brother. With Little Brother, we concentrated on sorting and counting the colors. We also talked a little bit about which color had the most and the least, but that’s about as far as we ventured to take this activity with a 3-year old. With Big Brother, we talked specifically about how many more of each color there were and how fewer candies there were in a certain color.

Here’s what you’ll need:  Candy Conversation Hearts, paper, a marker, a ruler, and some crayons.






1. Make your “graph”. This will be dependent on the colors of candies. I thought about making a printable, but I didn’t have access to my printer at the  moment. Plus, I think it’s beneficial to know that we can pull out a piece of paper and make something just as easily. :)







2. Gather your candies…



3. Show your child how to place them on the graph. Even young children (ages 2-3) can grasp this concept once it’s demonstrated for them.












I didn’t leave quite enough space, so our hearts got a little jumbled in their columns. :)











A happy boy after getting to enjoy a couple of candies after his hard work!


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  1. Thanks for this great activity! I have it all set up and am about to do it with my 4 year old. This would be fun at other times of year – with colored goldfish, skittles, etc. Thanks for sharing such a versatile activity!

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