Sesame Street Sticker Graphing

Graphing for preschoolers is a GREAT activity for cognitive development. It requires your child to sort and classify objects based on a similar attribute…which is pretty complicated for such a little person!

Graphing can be done with real-life objects/toys, food, or even stickers! We’ve had these Sesame Street stickers laying around the house for over a year, so I finally decided it was about time we did something with them!

Here’s what you’ll need:  stickers (store-bought or make your own lick-and-sticks), paper, and a marker.

1. Get your graph ready to go. For younger children, use 3-5 stickers.

2. Give your child the stickers and the ready-made graph and let him/her get started!

3. After you’re done, talk about which stickers had more, less, and how many of each.


  1. fun idea! We have done lots of graphing with food/candy/snacks – will have to use stickers soon!

  2. We did this this morning using some stickers we received in the mail! (Of course L came up with the idea to 'graph' them, she always has the best ideas, thanks for the idea!

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