Christmas Sticker Letter Tracing

This was our first attempt to get Big Brother to write the letters in his name…and it worked beautifully. He was SO EXCITED that he wanted to keep writing the names of everyone in our family.

As you can see, we made the letters REALLY big since he doesn’t yet have the fine motor coordination to make smaller letters.

Here’s what you’ll need:  a few pieces of paper, a marker and several small Christmas stickers (mine were left over from my classroom).

1. Arrange the stickers on the piece of paper to make each letter of your child’s name (we used two pieces of construction paper). Put a star where your child is to start (at the top of each letter). If this is your child’s first time writing his/her name, you’ll want to give a lot of guidance.

2. Give your child the marker and some verbal instructions and let them get started making the lines from one sticker to another. You could your child trace over the stickers with just their finger first and then give them the marker.

I was quite proud of Big Brother’s work (and so was he). He did a great job!

This was kind of like a dot-to-dot for toddlers/young prechoolers…I’m sure we’ll be doing this activity frequently from now on!


  1. Thank you! I've shared this on FB and Twitter as day 12 suggestion for Magic Christmas for Toddlers activity! :) Please add more! :)))

  2. Thank you so much for this idea. My son has just started preschool and to try and get him to sit down and have a crack at even the first letter of his name is a mission but this activity using his favourite car stickers he managed all 5 OSCAR!!!!

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