Handprint Christmas Wreath

httpI just love anything that involves children’s handprints. I loved making handprint crafts with my first graders because I knew it was a gift their parent’s would treasure. And I myself already treasure the few handprints we have of our boys. It truly is a visual reminder of just how fast they grow!

Not only is this activity a wonderful keepsake…it would also make a great gift for grandparents or other family members! And pretty much any child who can sit still long enough for you to trace their little hands can participate!

Here’s what you’ll need:  green and red construction paper, a paper plate (circle or square), glue, and a ribbon.

1. Trace each child’s hand on construction paper. We used red paper for Little Brother and green paper for Big Brother. Cut them out. While I was busy cutting away, I asked Big Brother to run laps around the house, stand on one leg, etc.

2. Cut the middle out of your paper plate. I used square paper plates that I had leftover from a baby shower I hosted a while back.

3. Let your little put glue on the paper plate frame. (Did you notice the bed head?)

4. Let your little one arrange the handprints onto the paper plate frame.

See? I then added Little Brother’s handprints (who was peacefully napping in his bed at the time).

5. Add a bow to the top and voila!

After Christmas, be sure to keep in a safe place (out of the sun because it will fade the construction paper) and pull it out year after year. :)

*This idea was shared on ABC & 123 Show and Tell and No Time for Flashcards.*


  1. We did this for Fall in Fall colors. I cut out leaves and pumpkin shapes, too, and he glued them in place in a pattern: hand, pumpkin, leaf….

  2. Oh I'm with you. I adore my children's hand prints (and foot prints). They are like little echoes of them and illustrate so simply just how little they are (and how quickly they grow).

  3. Jenae, can you add your ideas for Christmas games, crafts, books, toys and giveaways for toddlers in our Magic Christmas for Toddlers linkies post: http://nblo.gs/b6ew1 We're counting days and share with our followers on FB and Twitter at least one of each categories every day up until Christmas.

    BTW, I'll be making this tomorrow with my 3 year old girl :)

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