Handprint (and Paw Print) Christmas Tree

Handprint Christmas Tree


I saw this adorable Handprint Christmas Tree Canvas a while back on Pinterest and have been wanting to try it. Rather than putting it on canvas, however, we decided to make ours a (flat) Christmas Card!

It was super easy and the boys had lots of fun! We did add one little “surprise” to our tree as well, along with some fingerprint ornaments!

Here’s what you’ll need:  cardstock, washable paint, paintbrushes, and a laminator (optional).


This is my favorite paint to use with the boys because it is SUPER easy to get off (and it doesn’t stain). We received it compliments of CraftProjectIdeas.com


1. Use a paintbrush to paint your child’s hand.


2. Gently set it on the paper. Repeat until you fill the bottom “row” with your child’s handprints.


Continue using the handprints to make a Christmas tree shape (upside down). Big Brother did the first row (or 3 handprints) and Little Brother did the second row (of 2 handprints).


This is where I think I became certifiably insane for a brief moment…I saw that empty space at the top of the tree (bottom of the paper turned upside down) and then looked into these big brown eyes…


What came next I can barely believe myself…I painted our dog Sage’s paw!


 It actually didn’t turn out too terribly! After this, I let all of the green paint dry.


Once the green is dry, let your child dip his/her fingerprints in other colors to add ornaments! We also added a glittery foam sticker star, which sort of covered up our paw print, but it’s still nice to know that our furry member of the family was included.


Because I wanted to protect our trees (and since the cardstock majorly curled), I decided to laminate them.


So cute!!!

What last-minute Christmas crafts are you planning with your children???



  1. I made these canvases with my daughter for grandparent Christmas gifts. We had a lot of fun with them. We are planning on doing some salt dough ornaments this weekend with my whole family … it should be a blast.

  2. I just found your site through Craft Gossip – I am homeschooling my grandson – I already home schooled my three, the last graduated in 2008 – who knew I’d be doing this all over again? LOL!
    Anyway, I’ve bookmarked your site – and love your ideas! Thanks for sharing them!
    And as for being certifiably insane for including your dog in the Christmas tree? Nah – My mom and dad thought we were insane to have all four cats on the kitchen table while the kids did their work!

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