Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree

Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree


We have been having so much fun with this Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree! It is a cross between our Peek-a-Boo House and Toddler Approved’s Photo Christmas Tree. Little Sister has loved peeking under the ornaments to see our special pictures!


We used some pictures from our recent holiday happenings (like Little Sister’s unhappy visit with Santa), but you could also use pictures of relatives or friends that you will be visiting this holiday (as a way to familiarize your child with these new or unfamiliar faces).



Here’s what you’ll need:

Travel Baby Wipes Container Tops

Green posterboard

Various colors of Craft Foam

Hot Glue Gun


Frog Tape




1. Rip the hard plastic part of the travel wipe container away from the film (it is glued on pretty thick, so it will take some effort). :)


Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree

2. Place the top of the wipes container onto your picture. I didn’t have any printed pictures readily available, so I just printed them on card stock using my home printer and then laminated them. There should be enough adhesive on the top of the wipes container, but you can hot glue if you want a stronger hold.


Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree

3. Cut out a triangle shape from your green poster board (I just eye-balled it). Make the wipes tops into ornaments by using a glue gun to hot glue craft foam circles on top. I cut some ornament hangers out of craft foam as well (pictured at the bottom of the photo above) to make it look more authentic.



Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree

4. Attach your tree to the wall. I used Frog Tape and it has held up well! You could also use regular painter’s tape…I just liked that the Frog Tape was green. :)



Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree

5. Let your child get busy peeking at the pictures on the Christmas tree! (FYI:  The Pampers wipe tops were much easier to open. The generic brand had to be “popped” open, which was very hard for my toddler)


Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree

She thought it was pretty fun!


Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree



Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree

Looking at her picture with Santa. :)



Peek-a-Boo Christmas Tree Square




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