Do you have a child who is ready to read? Here are a few helpful posts, with several that focus on one area of teaching your child to read (sight words, word families, decoding, etc).  Click on the image below to take you to the post!

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10-Steps-to-Teaching-Your-Child-to-Read10 Steps to Teaching Your Child to Read


Word Family Fishing

Word Family Fishing




Fizzy Reading




Sight Word Activities for Kids



Word Family snowball toss square

Word Family Snowball Toss


Children’s Literature:  How to Find a Good Book


Pound-a-Sound:  A Decoding Activity for Pre-Readers


 Build-a-Word Magnetic Tray


 Real Word or Silly Word?



Word Family Pull-Out Activity 


Word Family Game 



 Sight Word Bingo


Roll-a-Sight Word Printable Game


Tips for Learning Sight Words


Teaching Long Vowel Sounds with the “What’s Your Name? E”