Overhead Projector Learning

It’s amazing how much fun can be had with “old technology”! :)  Our sweet neighbor is the middle school librarian in our school district and she graciously gave us one of the many overhead projectors the district was getting rid of. Little Brother and I had lots of fun with our Overhead Projector Learning while Big Brother was at preschool.

This is going to have to be my secret weapon for getting Little Brother to do activities with me…he absolutely LOVED the overhead projector. We were able to pack lots of learning into a short amount of time:  color recognition, shape recognition, name recognition (and tracing), and a little free play!

I have seen light boxes (like this one) have been really popular lately, but I have been too lazy to make one! I think this works just as well, if not better, and it was FREE (and no prep needed)! :)

First, we had a little free play with the transparent pattern blocks (I had a sample package from one of the conferences I attended while teaching).






Next, I drew a few of the shapes onto the projector with a dry erase marker. Little Brother sorted the pattern blocks by shape.


After that, we sorted by color!




 Next, I wrote his name on the overhead (with the dry erase marker again–it wipes right off) and we practiced saying the letters of his name. He also used his fingers to trace his name on the wall.


 Imitating the “happy face”!


 Finally, I let Little Brother draw on the overhead projector with the dry erase marker. He liked drawing and watching the wall to see his design “get big”. :)


If you’re interested in an overhead projector for your home, check Craigslist or your local schools/libraries to see if they have any they are willing to give away!




  1. How cool is that ?!

    My boys would love to explore with an overhead projector at home. I can think of all kinds of fun learning activities we could do.

    Our local children’s museum had a projector set up for the kids to experiment with last summer, and it was a huge hit. I can’t believe I never thought to continue the fun at home.

    Off to check Craiglist… :-) Thanks again !

  2. LOVE the overhead projector stuff!!! I like using the light tables and such, and I have MANY things to use with the tables…now I have to find an overhead projector!!! LOL~Thanks for the GREAT ideas!!!

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