Number Pound

After doing the Pound-a-Sound activity with Big Brother, I knew I wanted to utilize our Pound-a-Peg toy to try and engage Little Brother in some learning as well. This is one of the most versatile toys we own…and has obviously gotten lots of use (which is evident from the dents in the wood in the pictures below).

As I’ve mentioned before, Little Brother isn’t always the most willing student. He enjoys learning, but he definitely prefers to be learning and moving. This activity was a winner, for obvious reasons. What little boy doesn’t like to hit stuff? Learning and hitting…I think we might be on to something (as long as it’s not a person). :)

Here’s what you’ll need:  Pound-a-Peg Toy (or something similar) and mallet, small dot stickers (the ones used for garage sales–you should be able to find these in the office supply section of most stores) and a marker.


 1. Write the numbers on the dot stickers. We lost one of our pegs, so I only did numbers 1-7.


2. Place the dot stickers on top of each peg and place inside the bench.


3. Call out a number and ask your child to pound that specific number only (a little lesson is self-control is always beneficial, right?!?!).


Keep going!


Next, let your child choose the peg and have him/her call out the number as he/she is pounding it.

What is your favorite hands-on way to teach number recognition?



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