Indoor Soccer

We’ve been snowed in for the last 3 days and w are all a little stir crazy! I decided we needed some “gross motor” activity, so we played indoor soccer!

Here’s what you’ll need:  balls, two chairs, and a blanket!

2. Put two chairs on their sides with the backs overlapping eachother. I used child-sized chairs, but any chair will do. Cover with a blanket to make a “net”.

2. Let your little ones get busy kicking balls into the goal!

3. Then take turns being the goalie!

Let your little ones get their wiggles out by playing indoor soccer! Have fun!


  1. I have used a variation of this with a large beach ball. It is so much fun. Plus, if it gets a little air, it won't break anything.

  2. WE are definitely going to be doing this soon. Anything with a ball is geared right at my son!
    Thanks for posting.

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