Indoor "Ice" Skating

About a month ago, I saw this post from Frugal Family Fun about “ice” skating using waxed paper. I had just run out of waxed paper (and have since forgotten to pick any up at the store), so we never got around to doing it. A couple days ago, a magazine we had fallen on the floor and Big Brother slipped and fell after stepping on it. It was then that I realized how “slippery” magazines are…and we could use old magazines or catalogs and get nearly the same result as waxed paper.

Big Brother and I did this while Little Brother was napping and we had lots of fun together. Sadly, it didn’t keep Big Brother’s attention for long. I, however, could have “skated” much longer. Perhaps Prince Charming and I will try “ice” skating when the boys are in bed sometime!

Here’s what you’ll need:  an old “slippery” magazine or catalog (NOT one from recycled paper), a stapler remover (or scissors), duct tape, and a carpeted area.

1. Use scissors (or a stapler remover) to remove the staples from the magazine/catalog. Now perhaps I will be less tempted from my Pottery Barn magazine! :)

2. Take about three sheets and lay them flat. Have your child step in the center and then bring the edges up. Secure with duct tape.

3. Find a carpeted area and get to “skating”.

Our favorite part was running and then sliding (and inevitably falling on our behinds).

Not only was this activity TONS of fun, it’s also great for gross motor development! :)


  1. We did this for New Years Eve and it was soooooo much fun!! We got lots of good video – hope you did too!!
    Andrea :)

  2. Just a little tip. I have done this many times with my kids at preschool, but I have always used the thin, cheap paper plates. There is no taping involved, so it is quick and easy. So fun!

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