Toddler Time: Sorting Cookie Cutters

Oh, the joys of simple activities! This was a huge hit and allowed Little Brother and me to spend lots of time playing, laughing, and singing together.

For this activity, I used a giraffe peg hanger that currently resides on the wall in Little Brother’s bedroom. I had originally planned to use our baby links (like these), but I couldn’t find ours. So I used our cookie cutters instead…and it actually worked out wonderfully because it gave us an opportunity to talk about shapes!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a peg hanger and either cookie cutter or baby links.

Just lay out the cookie cutters (or links) and show your child how to sort them by color.

We also talked abou the shapes of the cookie cutters and even sang some songs (like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” while looking at the star cookie cutter). We didn’t spend a lot of time talking about shapes because this isn’t something I am too concerned about him knowing at 22 months…but it never helps to make a mention here and there.

What’s your child’s favorite simple activity???

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  1. I recently made my 18 month old the “pom pom stuff it in” activity Money Saving Mom featured a couple of months ago. He has spent quite a bit of time playing with this. It has also really helped him in learning his colors. It is so cute hearing him say “purp-pul” (purple) :).

  2. My little guy (14 months) loves putting caps and lids on containers…and taking them off, of course. He gets very focused when working on screw caps!

  3. This is such a cute idea for the younger ones. My oldest is just over 3 and she likes to practice her letters and their sounds. I really like this for my 7month old once she gets a bit older :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. My 16 month old son likes to play with little plastic hangers from his closet. He hangs a row of hangers on a “baby gate” and swings them back and forward.

  5. My 17 month old likes to stack and un-stack (and repeat) our plastic plates that we use for the kids to eat on. I discovered he liked this activity when his plate and two other (dirty) plates were left within his reach after lunch one day. I have decided the best way to do this is to give him these to play with while they are still clean…lol

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