Toddler Time: Opposites

Introducing your toddler to opposites is great for both cognitive and vocabulary development.

This activity can be done anytime…it is so simple and requires little to no materials.

Just list out some opposites and let your child act them out. If he/she can speak, encourage him to say the word as well.

Do a few antonyms at a time…for as long as your toddler’s attention span will last. :)

Little Brother had JUST woken up, so he was still a little out of it in the beginning. :)

And just because he’s the cutest 19-month old I know…


  1. We love opposites! We love reading the Richard Scarry Opposites book and Octopus Opposites along with acting them out too.

    The picture of your little guy with the sunglasses is adorable :)

  2. This is a little random, but I just wanted to say thanks for the way you phrase, "if your toddler can speak . . . ." My 23-month-old just started using words regularly a few weeks ago, and it's still a pretty short list. He very obviously recognizes tons and tons of words and isn't "behind" in anything else, but of course as the mama I feel like he's behind. :) And I appreciated your understanding that even "toddlers" might not be using many words yet!

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