Toddler Time: Matching Socks

It’s been months since we’ve worn socks! I’m not complaining…it just means that I don’t have to pair them up after washing ’em!


Pulling out the {unused} socks made for a quick and easy matching game. I’ll be honest…Little Brother wanted nothing to do with this activity. I chose to do it right when he woke up from his nap, which is typically his grouchiest time (I’m not really sure what I was thinking). Here he is saying, “NO!” He’s going through quite a cantankerous little phase right now…

But Big Brother loved it, though. And maybe your less-cantankerous toddler will too!

Here’s what you’ll need:  4-6 pairs of different-styled socks (less for younger toddlers and more for older toddlers).



 1. Line up one of each pair of socks…



 2. Put the other pairs in a pile.



 3. Ask your child to match each sock by laying it on top of its counterpart.






 Or for older children, just put all the socks in a heap and let your child sort them. I think I might now have a good helper for my most-hated winter chore!



Like this activity? The Toddler Shoe Game is very similar.


  1. I have my 6 year old help me match socks all the time. I will now try and make it a bit more fun for him. Thanks for this tip. Why is it that I always have a basket full of socks without a mate? I have what I call a missing sock drawer and all the socks that don’t have mates go in there….every so often I empty it out and see if any of them have a match yet…and then put the rest back in. ah socks…such a mystery to me…

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