Toddler Time: Freeze!

We all loved playing this game! Not only is it lots of fun, it’s great for encouraging your toddler to follow simple directions.

Just put in your favorite CD and have the pause button ready…

In case you’re wondering…we were playing the Veggie Tunes 2 CD.

Little Brother lost interest (after bumping his head on the table), but Big Brother could have played this for hours!

What simple games do you enjoy playing with your child???


  1. fun! Melanie loves this game. We play a game that the littlest member of our family created, called “Steal the Dish Towel”. I always have to make sure I have 2 dish towel (one for each child). then, while I’m cooking or washing dishes, they will sneak into the kitchen and steal my dish towels. I will say “Hey! Who stole my dish towel?” To wish they giggle and run, hidding in their rooms. I find them, tickle them, take the dish towel back…. rinse and repeat. Obviously, it takes longer for me to cook or clean, but it’s definitely fun.

  2. wow, please ingore my horrible spelling and English. I promise I’m educated. I blame my fingers. They type much faster than my brain corrects things.

      1. That’s good, because after I hit “post comment”, I realized that I misspelled “ignore”, and I just had to tell myself to walk away from this one. :)

  3. We play this quite a bit… it’s so useful for getting some energy out of my two. And, I’ll have to admit that I love the faces my 2-yr-old makes when she freezes!

  4. Oh my, your little ones are adorable! Love it. We will sure be playing this freeze dance game today since it’s a rainy one here. :) Thank you!

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