Toddler Time: Beanbag Toss

This activity didn’t go exactly as planned (does it ever???). I had intended it to be a practice in underhand throwing for Little Brother. He had other plans (as you’ll see).

Here’s what you’ll need:  a big bowl (or bucket) and some beanbags. I used beanbags I made (in less than 15 minutes) last year for the Stoplight Beanbag Toss, but you could even use plastic bags filled with beans.

Give your little one the beanbags and let him/her throw them in the bowl!


I tried to show Little Brother how to throw it underhanded, but he wasn’t interested.


He is mouthing the word, “NO!” in this picture (his favorite new word). Heaven help me.
And, of course, a fight over the beanbags quickly ensued. 


  1. Thanks for another great idea! My bean bags are quietly gathering dust, so this is a great motivator for me to do something fun with them. (I pretty much expect the same outcome between siblings….thanks for being so honest about "real life".. :)

  2. I love those photos. When I tried this with my son last year (having him toss into a bucket), he preferred to stack all the beanbags and sit on them a la "The Princess and the Pea"….

  3. Thank you so much for posting this even though it didn't go as planned. So good to know that other people's kids don't perfectly complete the activity as planned. I feel more normal now!! :-)

  4. Thanks for keeping it real! *LOL* … "and a fight quickly ensued" My sons just graduated college and I still remember those fights that would erupt in a blink of an eye!
    They grow up fast!!

  5. Ha! The joys of working with children…I've done this activity using a large box or a bin. The bigger the target, the more chance of success–a sure win for little ones.

    I've found that the best method is to play along with them…secretly modeling the proper throw, and being willing to show them how if they ask. You'll find that they'll either figure it out on their own, or start copying you. :) Also, have LOTS of bean bags available for next time. ;)

    Thanks for this post!

  6. I just tried the “Stoplight Toss” activity at home with my almost 2-year-old. Did not quite go to plan, there was coloring on the stoplight and stomping on the stoplight more so than tossing beanbags on it, but it was all in good fun and he’s loving tossing the beanbags over his head. His Dad and I are having a blast with them as well, if I’m honest :) I appreciate your honesty here too!

  7. I did sort of the same activity with my toddler class. Instead of the bowl I used 3 hula hoops and lined them up. I was trying to let them take turns, which worked at times. They would throw the bean bag trying to get theirs in one of the hoops. then try to get them to hop through each hoop and retrieve their bean bag. Lasted for about 10 minutes.

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