Toddler Time: Walk the Line

Balance is a tricky thing for a toddler. This one safe way to ease into learning to balance. Just lay a piece of masking tape (or painter’s tape) on the ground and encourage your little one to “walk the line”.

At first, he/she will probably just try to keep one foot on the line while the other one “scoots” beside it. That’s perfectly fine! As your child gets a little older and more comfortable with “the line”, he/she will be able to put one foot in front of the other like on a balance beam.


And, of course, you’ll probably have a little bit of this…

He looks so innocent as he’s attempting to pull up that tape!



  1. I used to use this tape line to line my kindergarteners up at the door =) I haven’t brought it out with my littles, so thank you for reminding me of the fun things we can do that are quick, easy, cheep, and so helpful to develop their gross motor skills!!!

  2. some where I was told that “put one foot in front of the other like on a balance beam” promote pronation of their feet.
    what do you think

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